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You’ll not find ghosts dragging chains in this post, nor anything Dickensian at all. But you will find this question.

Do you find, as you’ve gotten older, that despite all the logic you can muster, you still somehow expect that Christmas will have the sparkle, magic and excitement it had for you as a child?

Times certainly change as we grow up, and unless you have children for whom you are creating a magical Christmas, it’s a very different holiday. We’re often called upon to create that Christmas magic ourselves, whether it be reaching out to family and friends, planning get-togethers and holiday meals, organizing trips and travel and so on. It’s so very different than rushing into the living room Christmas morning to see what Santa has put under the tree.

Ah, for the innocent days of nothing to do but smell Christmas cookies being baked, (and maybe helping), watch the house come alive with sparkling lights, watch presents magically appearing, and dream of snow on Christmas day.

So now we’re all grown up. There’s a different pleasure in trimming the house, putting up a tree and baking something fabulous. We’ve found the perfect gifts for those we love, and are warmed by the good humor of friends and family. In fact, one of the best gifts we can give or receive is always a heartfelt smile.

And THAT … from whomever it comes … is often just what’s needed to chase away the ghost of Christmas past. Need a smile? ┬áHere … have one from me.

And Merry Christmas!

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