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Before 150+ little trick or treaters come scurrying through our neighborhood and knocking at our doors, here’s something I had to share.

FairyTiara2Our local, (county), newspaper is to be commended for their coverage of all the goings-on in our towns, much of which is positive. Yeah, there’s a bit of the usual murder and mayhem, but they can’t hold a candle in that department to every other newspaper around. In the positive vein, they always feature a Kids’ Page in which they ask local schoolchildren a question and feature their answers.

This week, the question was the kids’ most creative costume for Halloween, and if this one doesn’t take all — written by Julia, a 3rd grader, (that’s 8 years old):

“WOW. You look great. My favorite Halloween costume was a fairy. It was blue and had sparkly fairy wings. I wore it when I was little and I wore it for a lot of great Halloweens. I got a boatload of candy. That was a great time of my life.”

What more could I possibly say after that?

except … Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Costume Parade

scarecrowOK, let me warn you right off the bat – this is not the parade in Greenwich Village or anything. Nothing like it. Just a very small town parade held each year with prizes for various age groups, cider and doughnuts for everybody, and people getting together. Almost all kids in the parade, but the whole town participates.  I’m just posting a few  pictures because I thought they were kind of cool, and it’s fun to see people getting involved with the costumes, especially the little ones.

This scarecrow is a little hard to see with the busy background behind him, but what was funny was his face kept moving around all the time in some bizarre way. Turns out, his hands are behind the burlap of his face and the arms aren’t arms. He made the costume all on his own. (His Grandma next to me swore it.)

This age group, below, had a pretty good assortment of creative costumes in it – they were 6-8 year olds, I think. But I was just fascinated at how effective the plain `ol ghost was, and he or she was my definite favorite.



Then we had some younger kids whose moms and dads were very creative in putting together costumes that were definitely not from Party City or Wal-Mart. These two – Little Bo Peep and a cowboy with chaps and that long coat they wear, (uh – forgot what they call that) – were real cute.

BoPeep-CowboyAnd then … what put a smile on my face was a really clever homemade costume … on a dog. (Well, yeah – of course that made me smile!) Her owners also had a head piece they’d made of the same fabric as the inside of the banana, but said the Doxie didn’t like it on very much so left it off. Wow! People that really care about their pet!


This costume and the presence of about 10 other non-costumed dogs prompted me to ask the master of ceremonies to consider including dogs in costume next year, and he thought it was a great idea and announced it immediately. (Now why do I think I’m somehow going to get roped into helping form guidelines as to pets in costume and how old a kid has to be to have a dog on a leash, etc.?)

Anyway. I started thinking if there was a children’s book story somewhere in all of this. If there is …. for me …. it’s going to be about that ghost or the Dachshund! Maybe both ….


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