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Ripping apart an existing workspace, cleaning, and putting it back together – with a new rug – is a very satisfying thing. And I thank Spring for this. With the longer daylight hours and warmer temps so I can open the doors, I was finally in the mood. Ahhhhh – a new work space!

Having a clear workspace to write, edit, sketch is, I think, critical to an artist – at least, this one! I have a studio space upstairs, and a nice area for my computer/graphics work, but on my main workdesk, all my children’s book stuff was in stacks, hanging on to corners, etc. I knew it needed re-organization, but those short days and always-too-quickly-arriving winter evenings were not conducive to tackling the job. I’d bought a nice new area rug to fit in the U-shaped workspace last September, but there it stood, rolled up and leaning against a bookcase. Then Spring hit!

As the rug was too wide for the space, (I had eye-balled it, not measured), I had to take my desk apart. I built my desktop years ago out of a birch veneer flush door to which I attached 1″ square molding all around, to fit snugly on top of 2 file cabinets. Heavy file cabinets. So there was no choice but to take it all apart and start all over so I could make room for the rug. EVERYTHING got sorted, cleaned, re-organized. Now, all my children’s book stuff is at my fingertips. Stuff that I no longer work on got trashed or relocated so I can sit and be inspired the second I sit down, surrounded by everything I want to be working on.

I’m amazed at how exciting this is, but now I have direct access to my dreams, all the time. My friend said I Feng Shui’d my office. I know a little about Feng Shui, and if I did? It was a fortuitous accident. But there it is. ¬†Woo hoo! Thanks, Spring!

And .. if you hadn’t noticed … the new set-up immediately got the Claude Seal of Approval.

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