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The time when we think of reaching out to family and friends, and putting a little something special in the mail to them.

That said, I am sharing one of my French Bulldog Christmas cards to inspire you. Although, in all honesty, I describe them as holiday cards because they are truly suitable for whatever winter holiday you celebrate.

I know you’d love to see more, so please hop on over to my Etsy shop and check out what’s there, and yes, if you were wondering, they are all Frenchie-themed. But … recipients don’t have to be French Bulldog fans; if they have any appreciation of cuteness in animals, that should do. Thanks!

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When I haven’t written in over a month, it usually means at least one thing. In this case, it means I have been deluged with holiday fundraisers and projects from my clients. It has been non-stop, and while I think of things to write here – I even take photos – and I want to catch up with those I follow, my creative energy is directed towards these projects and the time to actually focus on my own writing has been non-existent. It’s frustrating.  But enough whining.

As a new and different Thanksgiving approaches, many, including myself, are already shopping extensively online for Christmas and holiday gifts. To that end, I am going to take a moment to shamelessly promote myself and the lovely French Bulldog items I have created for my Etsy shop.

If you are looking to send holiday cards, “Stranger in the Snow” is one among several you’ll find in my shop. You can also find a few neat gift ideas such as my “Frenchies Apres Monet” blank notecards which I’d like to think would be appreciated by fans of Monet as well as the French Bulldog. I also have a sweet, handsomely-made Frenchie journal, because we all are writing more these days what with all the stress in our lives. No? And if not you, perhaps you know someone who journals faithfully. (Or maybe just needs a notebook!)

All the original artwork is mine, and I can assure you, the cards are of a beautiful, heavy stock. If inspired, just toddle on over to Etsy at JBalsamFrenchieArt. 

As the intensity of my holiday workload is ever-so-slowly winding down, I am planning on writing again soon, and coming by to see you and what you’ve written, too. Should I not get to the post I have in mind before Thanksgiving, I wish you all a peaceful, happy, and safe holiday, however you may spend it. Take good care and let’s continue to look forward to less stressful days when we can meet with each other again as we have in the past. I am always happy to have you stop by!

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Please welcome not only an adorable little Frenchie baby, but a touch of nostalgia for times gone by, when a child might be excited to find a real Steiff pull toy underneath the tree. The lights were much bigger, the ornaments glass, and the smell of balsam pine wafted through the house.

Our little pied girl will soon find there’s nothing to worry about with her new stuffed friend, but still she wonders … could she come home with you, then visit your friends and family? You can find her plus more holiday cards, gift ideas, and my new journal in my shop on Etsy. Please stop by!

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It’s time! For those of you old-fashioned folk who still love to write out and send Christmas or holiday cards, please check out these Frenchie darlings ready to travel miles with nothing but your love and a stamp.

Featuring my own artwork, this card is called “Toasty Warm”, because who wouldn’t be with those little sweaters and pom-pom knitted caps? You can order my Toasty Warm French Bulldog holiday cards in my shop on Etsy, and send something adorable to your friends and loved ones.

As is the case with many things nowadays, the art of hand writing cards and notes seems to have fallen out of favor with some in favor of the speed of the internet. And here’s where I disagree – there is nothing like opening your mailbox and discovering a bona fide greeting card – be it for Christmas, the holidays, or some other occasion – written out just to you. It has always been special and, in my opinion, will always be special. (As a parallel note, by the way, Kindle sales have fallen and sales of real, 3-dimensional books for children are on the upswing.)

There is something about the smile you feel when holding a card in your hands, displaying it on the mantle, and looking at it whenever you feel like it, that can’t be replaced by the digital. So check out all my French Bulldog holiday cards, and discover what you would like to send!

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It may be an ever-increasing digital world, but I know for a fact that there’s a whole bunch of us out here who just love opening our mailboxes and finding a real,honest-to-goodness, 3-D paper card inside. Call us old-fashioned, call us what you will, but we’re still out here!

So … if you like receiving cards and know folks who feel the same, why not send this adorable French Bulldog blank notecard (my original art) to someone who would appreciate it. This Frenchie pup is wearing her cutest garden finery and ready to go.

The card measures 4.25″ x 6″, full color, and soft gloss outside, nice matte surface inside for easy writing. 10 cards to a pack with white envelopes, packaged in a crystal clear acrylic sleeve. And this particular drawing even earned me a spot as a Finalist in the Dog Writers’ Association of America competition in the Illustration category!

Like this idea? Purchase them here and Happy Spring!


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FrenchieFawnCard2It’s not too late! Order your French Bulldog holiday cards now!

These adorable Frenchies celebrate the season in the most endearing ways and are waiting to be sent to your friends and family. Who wouldn’t love finding this cutie in their mailbox?

Fast, easy checkout in my ETsy shop, opened in 2018. Select Priority Mail for the speediest delivery.

Check them out and see if these adorable – and affordable – French Bulldog Christmas cards aren’t perfect for you.

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StrangerInTheSnow2You’ve been searching – now you’ve found them! Visit my Etsy shop for my Stranger in the Snow French Bulldog holiday cards and other designs, all with my original artwork, reasonably priced, and ready to go!

Who doesn’t love sending Frenchies or receiving them, especially when they’re so adorable?

Breeze through checkout with PayPal, credit cards, Etsy gift cards and more. Easy, fast, and everyone will want to know where you found these cuties.

That spot is right here! Looking for a gift? Check out my Frenchies Après Monet or Frenchies Après Rousseau blank notecards or a French Bulldog journal! You will be very much appreciated.


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JBalsam-strangersnowAdorable French Bulldogs are waiting to pick up some envelopes and rush out to your house, just in time to send to family and friends.

These little cuties are on my web site … take a look at the French Bulldog Christmas cards you want to send!

You may also want to consider unique blank notecards featuring French Bulldogs as fabulous gifts for your Frenchie loving friends and family, (or actually just anyone who loves sending an adorable card!)

Note: All illustrations, drawings and photographs are © Jeanne Balsam and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission. Thank you!

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It’s never too early to order Christmas and holiday cards! Take a look at a special selection featuring the ever-so-adorable French Bulldog. Frenchies bring life to any drawing or any holiday card, and I love having them be the subject of mine.

Take a peek at what’s in store right now!

Note: All illustrations, drawings and photographs are © Jeanne Balsam and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission. Thank you!

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Because French Bulldogs are a main feature on in my shop, and my artwork is featured quarterly in Just Frenchies magazine, many people ask me if I have a Frenchie of my own … they assume I must. The answer is no, not yet. I love the bully breeds, and I love drawing and photographing them, and I’ve become completely enamored with Frenchies over the last 5 years that I have been drawing them. So much so, that a Frenchie is the heroine in more than one of the children’s books I am working on.

But having a dog is a whole lot different than drawing and writing about one. In the 18″ of snow we’ve been hit with here recently … and repeatedly, I vividly recall what it was like not so long ago when I had two dogs, one of whom did not wish to sully her paws in that fluffy white stuff. And that was at 6:30 in the morning.

But that’s only a part of it. Dogs require time … especially a new dog. I will want to do what I always do – walk, socialize, obedience train, play and so on. Although it could change any moment, right now I would find it difficult to commit to the time I know I will give a dog.

And then, there’s kitty politics. Already an uneasy balance exists here – Miss Bossy Boots (Gypsy) spends way too much time scheming of ways to make Mewsette’s life miserable, and it’s not clear what tossing a dog in the mix might do. Although Claude would probably have a new best friend in 3 days. I firmly believe that when I am supposed to have a dog, the one that absolutely must be mine will appear.

So for now I draw. And write.

Featured here are a few more sketches, either in plain old pen, (my absolute favorite, by the way, for writing and general sketching, is Pentel R.S.V.P. Medium. It is one of THE best balanced writing pens on the market – you can feel it when you hold the pen with the cap on the end – just perfect!), and to the right, loose colored pencil. Enjoy.

Order French Bulldog cards and art here!

Note: All illustrations, drawings and photographs are © Jeanne Balsam and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission. Thank you!


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Balsam-FrenchieBananaSplitI’ll admit right off – this is a lure. Who am I luring? Well, I don’t know exactly. What I do know is that there are lots of you checking out my previous post on French Bulldog sketches, yet nary a comment. So this always makes me curious.

Are you Frenchie people? Bully breed people? Do you just love looking at Frenchie drawings? Needless to say, as this is a focus of much of my animal drawing subject matter as well as children’s book illustration at this time, I have plenty to post. But I am left wondering … what is it you’re looking for?

Balsam-FrenchieFairyShould you be interested, my Frenchie Banana Split drawing is part of a set of blank note cards, Frenchie Sundae Pups,  (sorry, no longer available) featuring 4 adorable babies and ice cream. The little vignette of the Frenchie Fairy is another blank note card, and with every purchase of these I will donate $4.00 per box to the French Bulldog Rescue Network, (FBRN), who is currently inundated with Frenchies in need due to the economy. Even if you don’t buy my note cards, if you’re here because you’re a Frenchie lover – go visit and help them out!

Hope you enjoy these little summer-y sweeties, and do say hello!

p.s. Find more Frenchie cars and art here!

Note: All illustrations, drawings and photographs on this site are © Jeanne Balsam and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission. Thank you!

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At the end of my workday, I decided to tool around some web sites and be inspired by other artists’ and illustrators’ work. This coming Monday I’ll be attending my first Illustrators’ Conference ever. I am truly excited.

I’m looking forward to having my current portfolio reviewed, and receiving advice as to how to properly make it a children’s book illustration portfolio. Also, to hear what art directors and agents have to say about the current market, what they’re looking for, how to get there, etc.

So then, after looking at these fabulous web sites, I’m wondering why I don’t have more of my own latest work on my own web site and/or blog. OK – one reason? The shoemaker’s kids are always the last to get shoes. I do everyone else’s work most days and am really over by the end of the long days. Other days, I focus more on my writing. Additions to my blog are more often on the writing side of my talent. Time to present myself more as the artist I am! So ….

Below are 3 recent French Bulldog sketches, featuring the subject matter of much of my artwork … Frenchies. You can also buy a great assortment of French Bulldog cards and prints on my web site, with new items added periodically. Just click the link and look!


I particularly was looking to do images of the faces resting on the floor so you could see how those little jowls spread out and how sweet they looked.


Some of my French Bulldog sketches are in preparation for illustrating one or more of my current children’s book stories which feature Frenchies as characters.


Other times they are in preparation of my artwork which is featured quarterly in Just Frenchies magazine. Hope you enjoy these little munchkins.


Find French Bulldog cards and art here.

Please note: All illustrations, drawings and photographs on this site are © Jeanne Balsam and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission. Thank you!

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