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Sunday was a miserable day to go anywhere … very hot and super humid. But … that does not stop the intrepid who have an art festival to attend!

Starting out with breakfast at a favorite restaurant in Frenchtown, Lovin’ Oven, (a post for another time), we made a super quick detour – all of 200′ – so I could photograph some outdoor statuary next door at Two Buttons. I wanted to send these fabulous cement bulldogs’ photo to someone who favors the breed, and I wanted to take the gargoyles because … well … they are fabulous and I want one.

The gargoyles come in two finishes – the bronze type patina and the rough, sand-like texture. These are surprisingly lighter than you might imagine, and largely hollow. Unlike the bulldogs, which are solid cement and weigh a ton. Every time I visit Two Buttons, I yearn for the type of property which would afford me a walled garden that someone who knew wayyyyy more than me would plant and maintain. It would have winding walks, stone resting benches where one could stop and read or meditate, and, of course, fabulous statuary. Ahhhh — maybe next lifetime.

This particular gargoyle, I was told by one of the owners, is a replica from a cathedral in Germany. Two Buttons is the import business started by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, and her husband Jose that she met and fell in love with in Bali in the last section of her book. It’s a huge warehouse of amazing things, worth a look.

These magnificent beasts photographed, we hopped in the car, over the nearby bridge to Pennsylvania and down the shady and ever-scenic Rt. 32 to Tinicum.

The Tinicum Arts Festival is an annual 2 day event featuring many talented artists and artisans. With rare exception, the vendors have fine quality wares and for this reason, it’s always a pleasure to attend this festival. (except for the absolutely wilting weather, of course.)

It was, in fact, so humid, that I didn’t even take any photos, but for Uncle Sam on stilts! My friend and I were both fading, but did make a few stops and a few purchases each. I may show these off in the future, but I purchased a beautiful pair of green tourmaline and sterling silver earrings, my treat to myself. And while I wavered, feeling somewhat guilty about spending even more on myself, my friend offered to treat me to the object of my desire, a beautifully wrought dragon mug.

There were quite a few very talented potters at Tinicum, and I could have easily purchased something from any of them, but I kept coming back to  Marian Van Buren and her River Otter Pottery. Small world, it turns out her studio is in nearby Flemington! Such a fine eye and such fabulous glazes. And then the dragon on the mug.

Well, it started to rain and we were done anyway, so onward to home. It wasn’t too long before that gorgeous mug was holding coffee. This mug is not on Marian’s web site, though something similar with frogs is. How gorgeous is this! It’s frightening to think how much I could have bought at this event if I really had more money to spend. But spending it with someone who makes art for their living, who brings their heart and soul to their craft … it seems supporting such artists is always money well spent.


The piece de resistance …

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