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Thanksgiving is almost upon us, so I have one more chance to post a photo of something that caught my eye when I was out walking. Much like political signs left way too long and all over the place like so much litter after an election, there are always some people that have their holiday decorations out far beyond the holiday. In this case, I’m glad they were still there, because driving by didn’t give me the opportunity to read them. So this is the last I’ll have to say about Halloween!

Although Party City and other stores have a pretty big selection of tombstones at Halloween, I find that people who make them themselves are far more clever. These were all pretty funny, but the one that made me stop and laugh was the one in the center. Nice and simple – Trespasser.

In case you can’t read the others – Noah Moore – I told you I was sick; Here lies an atheist – all dressed up with nowhere to go; and Dr. Gonzo – too weird to live, too rare to die.

Note the broken pumpkin .. which brings us to our next seasonal item … pie. Hello, Thanksgiving!

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