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I’ve always said it doesn’t take all that much to make me happy, so if I can drive to my local farmstand, buy wonderful fresh produce, and photograph it as well? Hey, that makes me happy. Hope these photographs taken at Phillips Farms in nearby Holland make you happy, too.

Plants, herbs and usually fresh flowers are for sale

Oscar keeps an eye on the stand and promotes the whole “Jersey Fresh” concept. I’ve suggested they try him at the edge of the road to promote business, but really, you either know where the farmstand is or you don’t. Located on a typical 2-lane blacktop in the middle of a variety of farms, it’s not the most highly traveled road.

Tomatoes of every kind. They had some Brandywine tomatoes; I don’t know what they are, but I got home and wondered why hadn’t I gotten some to find out? There’s always a next time, and tomatoes are still coming in. In fact, early Gala apples were already in.

Beautiful produce of every kind plus berries and greens in the nearby fridge. If only I had a parallel life I could just cook and bake with all this fabulous stuff. Although I didn’t photograph the peaches, I did buy enough to make something delicious over the weekend.

Corn! Today they had bi-color, which as long as it’s sweet makes no matter to me.

Hope this inspires you to go find or visit a farmstand by you this weekend and enjoy what nature has to offer while it’s still summer. Before you know it, it’ll be fall and the apples, squash and pumpkins will be in!

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It can pretty much be summed up in one photo … fresh, local farm produce.

They don’t call New Jersey the Garden State for nothing! And even though many people have the sadly mistaken idea that New Jersey is all about the refineries and crammed highways that occupy a very small portion of the eastern part of the state, far more of the state is devoted to agriculture. In fact, New Jersey is the number one producer of blueberries in the nation, and second in cranberries. And anyone who’s ever been here knows there is nothing like a Jersey tomato.

This morning I passed the small farm stand in Alpha where I’d stopped last week. The corn is outstanding – I bought bi-color and white, both super-sweet – tomatoes, white peaches – yum! (see above) and a few other items. Starting in the spring, and straight through summer and fall, there are farmstands and farmers’ markets everywhere, and you can easily find whatever is in season. A farm more local to me, Phillips Farms in Holland Township, has “outreach” if you will, into the city. Their produce is featured in farmers’ markets in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. If you live in the city, check here to see where great produce is near you.)

So you can keep your heat, your humidity, and crazy weekend shore traffic.  My summer leans towards great fresh food!

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Fabulous Farmstand Food

For those of us living in or near agricultural counties, New Jersey is a cornucopia of gorgeous fresh produce, pouring in during a long growing season. It’s absolute heaven.

And it’s a shame that so many people think of New Jersey – the Garden State – as a series of networked, ugly highways thorned by uglier power plants and factories. While a small portion of eastern New Jersey may look like that, so many more parts of the state are lush, green and abundant. In Hunterdon County, small farms and farmers’ markets abound, all offering an assortment of delicious fresh produce from early spring through November.

The other day I went berry and peach picking with a friend and her 3 kids at Phillips Farms in Holland Township.

The blackberries were outstanding, but I had really gone for some white peaches and Jersey tomatoes. I suppose many states lay claim to having the best tomatoes, but I’m still sticking with New Jersey.

Same for Jersey corn! Phillips Farm also had a great assortment of flowers – sunflowers plus many other kinds in bouquets, and some plants and herbs at $5 apiece.

Now if you can imagine, we have all this for months on end. Inside there was corn picked just that morning, gorgeous string beans, zucchini, kale, radishes, onions, cucumbers and more.

This same friend had come back from a trip to Colorado – a somewhat isolated city, (as they called it – a suburb to New Jerseyans), where the food was … well … pretty poor, as she described it. And then I realized how enormously fortunate we are to be sitting right next to our food sources for so much of the year. I sure am grateful!

In the area? Visit one of the many fabulous local farms/farmstands or farmers’ markets in New Jersey – they’re all over the state. And if in western Hunterdon, visit Phillips Farms on Church Road in Holland Township!

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