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Mmmmm … summer fruit pies. This one is Peach Crumble Pie courtesy of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food. I really was determined to not let the summer go by without making one fresh peach pie or dessert. I would love that my schedule afforded me more time to bake, but alas … I made this one!

Ready to go in the oven!

I now remember why I don’t make fruit pies that often, too. They are really time consuming, (unless you’re in the habit of baking regularly.) One of the pluses of this pie is that it didn’t ask that you peel the peaches, so that was a small time-saver. Another is that it is quite low on sugar. Only 2 teaspoons in the butter crust, and 2 tablespoons brown sugar in each the peach mixture and the crumbled topping.

The recipe said to bake an hour to an hour and a quarter. The hour was just right and the edges of the crust are a nice brown and not at all too done.

And it’s delicious, not too sweet!

Here’s the recipe for Peach Crumble Pie on Martha Stewart’s web site. Enjoy.

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