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January is Puzzle Month!

Now that’s something I just learned! I love puzzles, particularly jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles. (Never caught onto the Sudoku craze.) Working puzzles is known to sharpen mental acuity, so if you’ve been thinking about doing something a little more challenging than watching TV when you’ve wound down in the evening, why not a puzzle?

Here are a couple sites you may enjoy. Some of the jigsaw sites don’t always work with a Mac, but the first one definitely does. As far as I can tell on some of the ones new to me, everything is free, as well. The thumbnail pictured is one of 1000’s from Jigzone!

Jigzone – jigsaws

Hoadworks – this is a site with a literary bent. with poetry, wordplay and attractions for young writers, as well as many games

JS Puzzles – jigsaws

Puzzles at the KidzPage – just what it says – jigsaws for kids!

from Bored.com – Bored? Here are brain-teasers, riddles, and much more

1001 Online Games – huge variety of puzzles and games

Have fun!

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