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To look in my home, especially my office, you might think I had a touch of what the white rabbit had in Alice, except I don’t have a watch; I have calendars. In my office there are four, in the kitchen, one, in my drawing room, one, and in the back/TV room, one.

Where do they come from? Two are calendars for which I’ve done the graphic design, another is a gift from a friend, another an annual gift from a sibling, another a gift from a supplier, and the others came to me as fundraising appeals, some because I donate to them, others hoping I will be inspired to do so.

Why do I have so many up? Because I love great photography and inspiring art. In fact, I have even more that don’t have their own regular space, but must rotate and share with another one. But what is so wonderful is that the art changes every month. So I have gorgeous horses, wildlife, nature photography, ocean photography, American Indian art, wolves, and more. It’s a constant procession of images I love looking at. It just makes me happy. As each month comes to an end, I get excited about the surprise to come when all the calendar art throughout my home changes.

The only calendar that I seriously look at for the days of the month is whatever I have hanging in the kitchen in any given year because that’s where I write everything. (Yeah, still kind of analog in that regard, but I do have a few things in my Entourage calendar.) The rest just please and inspire me all year long. It’s a good thing.

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