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It’s not for a lack of things to write about that it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. My mind is always humming away with things I’d like to write about. But recently there were other insistent things pulling me away, be it work, a few rounds of a nasty virus, the need to be OUT and not at the computer … you know how it goes.

So what was the impetus to finally settle down and write? What you’re looking at right now. My blog — more correctly, my blog theme. Last night, while waiting for a response from WordPress, I actually wrote all this by hand away from my computer. At the time, I had no idea if what you’ve always seen visually and what I’ve known for the last so many years was gone forever or reclaimable. Because as of last night, thanks to something I did, my beloved blog had slipped into something new – the theme I’ve been planning for a new site promoting my graphic design services.

While I may be a bit more savvy than the average bear at the computer, I am also quite capable of occasionally screwing things up. I wouldn’t have found myself somewhat frantically waiting to hear back from the “happiness engineers” at WP if that weren’t true. I knew I could move my site back into the earlier theme, but would I lose my widgets and customization? That was the question. So trying not to panic or bang my head on my desk, I waited. (I got my answer today, and did have to rebuild my widgets – no way to retrieve my earlier version.)

So blog problem aside, there’s been plenty of other stuff on the happier end of the spectrum – fabulous and fresh Jersey produce; reading and reading and reading thanks to the wasteland that is summertime TV; getting out and about to new places both on my own and with friends, enjoying their company, a movie, good eats and more.

In the end, despite my initial panic, the WP theme issue is just another challenge, a bump in the road along the way, and a reminder that there are many things in life we cannot control. All we can really control are our thoughts and how we look at what happens in our lives. Sometimes easier said than done, but true nonetheless. Not all that miraculously, I survived to tell the tale, and look … it got me taking along my camera and writing again. Not so bad after all.

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And today, my hero is Steve. And it’s not the first time.

It might seem simple for some of you who know how the techie end of computers work, but those of us who work on, as I call it, the “pretty side”, (i.e. use the programs), it’s far from simple. When things go really awry, I panic. Like so many of you nowadays, the computer, particularly e-mail, for me, is an integral part of my business. And when this afternoon, Entourage – the Mac version of Outlook – took a powder, I panicked.

I e’d Steve, my Mac guy ever since I’ve had one, but decided I’d better call, too. He calls me back – literally in the car with his family on the road to their week’s vacation – and helps me. Is there any question as to why this guy is my hero? And it’s not the first time! When my older Mac died a number of years ago, the week before Christmas, I brought it to him at his shop, where it was determined it could not be revived. I order a new one, bring it to him, he migrates all my data and comes to my house on Christmas eve morning to integrate it with my peripherals, etc. so I could keep my business moving along. Need I say more?

So today, a couple hours later with his instructions and my compacting my e-mail program, and re-building the data – something I knew less than nothing about – and a follow-up phone call, I am up and running again. Panic over, breathing once again.

Here’s to you, Steve!¬†You are my hero!

Now clearly that’s not his photo up there – I don’t have one and he probably wouldn’t like my posting it if I did, but … if you live anywhere in driving distance of Hunterdon County, New Jersey and need a sharp Mac guy, check out Steve’s contact information on the web.

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